The Death Penalty: A Reference Handbook

Joseph A. Meluskyauthor
Keith A. Pestoauthor
The Death Penalty: A Reference Handbook



Pages 392
Topics Current Events and Issues

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

The Death Penalty: A Reference Handbook

Author(s): Melusky, Joseph; Pesto, Keith;
Contributors: Melusky, Joseph; Pesto, Keith;

This book addresses the myriad controversies and examines the evidence regarding capital punishment in America. It answers questions regarding topics like the efficacy of capital punishment in deterring violent crime, the risks of mistakes, legal issues related to capital punishment, and the monetary costs of keeping inmates on death row.

• Presents "Perspectives" from various writers, allowing readers to consider opinions from many informed individuals—including judges, prosecutors, defense attorneys, and professors—who are concerned with capital punishment

• Supplies easy-to-understand information for general readers seeking to learn more about the history, purposes, effects, methods, and costs of capital punishment

• Provides a balanced, objective discussion of the arguments and complex issues regarding capital punishment, enabling readers to reach their own opinions and conclusions

SortTitle: death penalty: a reference handbook
Keyword(s): Current Events and Issues
Author Info:
Joseph A. Meluskyauthor
Keith A. Pestoauthor
eISBN-13: 9781440845505
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Imprint: ABC-CLIO
Pages: 392
Publication Date: 20170630
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