Heroines of Vichy France: Rescuing French Jews during the Holocaust

Paul R. Bartropauthor
Samantha J. Lakinauthor
Heroines of Vichy France: Rescuing French Jews during the Holocaust



Pages 200
Topics Military History: Conflict and Wars;World History: Conflict;Cohn, Marianne;Hermann, Vivette;Italian Occupation of France;Jewish Children;Jewish Resistance;Nazi Occupation of France;Racine, Mila;Refugees;Rescue;Resistance;Sorkine, Charlotte

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Heroines of Vichy France: Rescuing French Jews during the Holocaust

Author(s): Bartrop, Paul; Lakin, Samantha;
Contributors: Bartrop, Paul; Lakin, Samantha;

This book tells the largely unknown story behind the rescue activities of several remarkable young Jewish women in Vichy France during World War II and their role in the resistance against Nazi and Vichy France deportation policies.

• Grounds a captivating narrative in extensive field research conducted in France, which focused especially on holdings at the Memorial de la Shoah (Center of Contemporary Jewish Documentation) in Paris, the Resistance and Deportation Center and Museum in Lyon, and the Departmental Archives of Haute Savoie

• Offers compelling profiles of the resisters and gives voice to those who were rescued in addition to speculation as regards their respective fates after the Holocaust

• Reflects the expertise of Paul Bartrop, a well-known scholar of Holocaust and Genocide Studies, and Samantha Lakin, an emerging scholar with a track record of achievement in Genocide Studies who has undertaken extensive research for this project while on a Fulbright fellowship in Switzerland

• Appeals to a broad audience at both public and academic libraries, with readers of World War II history and Holocaust studies

SortTitle: heroines of vichy france: rescuing french jews during the holocaust
Keyword(s): Military History: Conflict and Wars; World History: Conflict; Cohn, Marianne; Hermann, Vivette; Italian Occupation of France; Jewish Children; Jewish Resistance; Nazi Occupation of France; Racine, Mila; Refugees; Rescue; Resistance; Sorkine, Charlotte
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Paul R. Bartropauthor
Samantha J. Lakinauthor
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