Transgender: A Reference Handbook

Aaron Devorauthor
Ardel Haefele-Thomasauthor
Transgender: A Reference Handbook



Pages 384
Topics Current Events and Issues: Gender;Women's Studies;Benjamin, Harry;Beyer, Georgina;Bowers, Marci;Hijras;McGinn, Christine;Muxes;Prince, Virginia;Sexology;Stryker, Susan;Sullivan, Lou;von Krafft-Ebing, Richard

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Transgender: A Reference Handbook

Author(s): Devor, Aaron; Haefele-Thomas, Ardel;
Contributors: Devor, Aaron; Haefele-Thomas, Ardel;

This book provides a crucial resource for readers who are investigating trans issues. It takes a diverse and historic approach, focusing on more than one idea or one experience of trans identity or trans history.

• Provides students with outstanding source material and historic material on trans issues

• Includes writing from some of the most recognized names in trans writing, history, and activism in the world

• Approaches its subject from a deeply historical background, acknowledging the intersection of identities throughout time

• Provides resources for further study, including profiles, data and documents, and a chronology of transgender history

SortTitle: transgender: a reference handbook
Keyword(s): Current Events and Issues: Gender; Women's Studies; Benjamin, Harry; Beyer, Georgina; Bowers, Marci; Hijras; McGinn, Christine; Muxes; Prince, Virginia; Sexology; Stryker, Susan; Sullivan, Lou; von Krafft-Ebing, Richard
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Aaron Devorauthor
Ardel Haefele-Thomasauthor
eISBN-13: 9781440856914
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Imprint: ABC-CLIO
Pages: 384
Publication Date: 20190228
Series: Contemporary World Issues

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Table of Contents pages: 1 2