Storytime and Beyond: Having Fun with Early Literacy

Kathy Barcoauthor
Melanie Borski-Howardauthor
Storytime and Beyond: Having Fun with Early Literacy


Libraries Unlimited

Pages 162
Topics Children's and Young Adult Programs

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Storytime and Beyond: Having Fun with Early Literacy

Author(s): Barco, Kathy; Borski-Howard, Melanie;
Contributors: Barco, Kathy; Borski-Howard, Melanie;

Join the world of balloons, pancakes, and musical instruments—just a few items that can help to improve early literacy in the library, in the classroom, and at home. Literacy builders covered range from music and instruments to magnetic letters, alphabet beads, and even food.

• Teaches librarians how to use storytimes to build literacy skills in pre-readers of all ages

• Outlines all of the steps necessary to carry out pre-literacy storytimes, displays, and outreach activities with photos, examples, and instructions for librarians and families

• Offers ideas for using inexpensive "doodads," especially those including letters of the alphabet, to build literacy skills

• Details how the musical and nonmusical can add musical elements to storytime to improve literacy

• Provides tips for engaging caretakers in storytime so that children may continue learning at home

SortTitle: storytime and beyond: having fun with early literacy
Keyword(s): Children's and Young Adult Programs
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Kathy Barcoauthor
Melanie Borski-Howardauthor
eISBN-13: 9781440858994
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