Great Wartime Escapes and Rescues

David W. Millsauthor
Kayla L. Westraauthor
Great Wartime Escapes and Rescues



Pages 256
Topics Military History: Conflict and Wars;World History: Conflict;Black Hawk Down;Captain Phillip Rescue;Dieter Dengler Rescue;Dunkirk;The Great Escape;The Great Raid;Mary, Queen of Scots Escape;Napoleon's Escape from Elba Island;Raid on Entebbe;Roger Locher Rescue;Scott O'Grady Rescue

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Great Wartime Escapes and Rescues

Author(s): Mills, David; Westra, Kayla;
Contributors: Mills, David; Westra, Kayla;

Students, military historians, and casual readers will all find this compelling collection useful in learning about escape strategies, hostage situations, and rescue operations during times of conflict.

• Provides readers with a global collection of wartime rescues and escapes

• Offers a broad review of rescues and escapes from multiple conflicts across history

• Includes engaging sidebars that augment the entries

• Provides readers with an extensive resource list for further reading

SortTitle: great wartime escapes and rescues
Keyword(s): Military History: Conflict and Wars; World History: Conflict; Black Hawk Down; Captain Phillip Rescue; Dieter Dengler Rescue; Dunkirk; The Great Escape; The Great Raid; Mary, Queen of Scots Escape; Napoleon's Escape from Elba Island; Raid on Entebbe; Roger Locher Rescue; Scott O'Grady Rescue
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David W. Millsauthor
Kayla L. Westraauthor
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Pages: 256
Publication Date: 20190531