Daily Life in Jazz Age America

Steven L. Piottauthor

Steven L. Piott is emeritus professor of history at Clarion University of Pennsylvania.

Daily Life in Jazz Age America



Pages 288
Topics American History;Popular Culture;Clothing and Fashion;Evolution and the Scopes Trial;Great Migration;Harlem Renaissance;Home and Family Life;Ku Klux Klan;"Lost Generation";Modernism vs. Fundamentalism;Music: Blues and Jazz;Prohibition;Radio and Motion Pictures

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Daily Life in Jazz Age America

Author(s): Piott, Steven;
Contributors: Piott, Steven;

This volume reveals the everyday actions of individuals and their reflections on their lives during the 1920s.

• Provides readers with a look at tensions based on class, gender, ethnicity, and race that intensified under the strain of transition to the modern era and examines questions about equality, inclusion, status, and quality of life

• Uses a social history approach that looks at immigrants and the native-born, farmers and workers, urbanites and migrants, employers and employees, policymakers and dissenters in the home, at the workplace, and of the church

• Looks closely at how values and attitudes changed as America transitioned from an earlier Victorian culture that celebrated a value system rooted in hard work, self-sacrifice, and delayed gratification to a modern one that promoted immediate gratification and personal fulfillment through consumption

• Includes a timeline of events, a glossary of key terms, primary documents, and a bibliography for discussion and further research

SortTitle: daily life in jazz age america
Keyword(s): American History; Popular Culture; Clothing and Fashion; Evolution and the Scopes Trial; Great Migration; Harlem Renaissance; Home and Family Life; Ku Klux Klan; "Lost Generation"; Modernism vs. Fundamentalism; Music: Blues and Jazz; Prohibition; Radio and Motion Pictures
Author Info:
Steven L. Piottauthor

Steven L. Piott is emeritus professor of history at Clarion University of Pennsylvania.

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