Proposal Planning & amp;Writing, 6th Edition

Jeremy T. Minerauthor
Kelly C. Ballauthor
Proposal Planning & amp;Writing, 6th Edition



Pages 304
Topics Budgets and Budget Narratives;Dissemination;Evaluation;Goals, Objectives, and Outcomes;Government Grants;Letter Proposals;Logic Models;Methods;Pre-Proposal Contacts;Private Foundation Grants;Problem Statement;Reviewer Comments;Site Visits;Business: Business Communications

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Proposal Planning & amp;Writing, 6th Edition

Author(s): Miner, Jeremy; Ball, Kelly;
Contributors: Miner, Jeremy; Ball, Kelly;

No matter whether you are approaching public or private sponsors, this thorough and detailed step-by-step guide will enable you to plan and write winning proposals.

• Discusses resources to identify the tens of thousands of grantmakers that award more than $350 billion in philanthropic funds annually

• Provides a time-tested template to write proposals for private foundations and corporations, with samples to illustrate how the template can be used in different grant writing situations

• Features new examples of and strategies for increasing the overall quality and competitiveness of grant applications

• Addresses sponsors' increased attention to evaluation and their desire to move beyond counting participants and activities to measuring a project's impact

• Looks at different types of sustainability and interrelationships among grant proposal narratives, logic models, and budgets

• Offers new strategies for engineering and reverse engineering budgets to help maintain alignment between costs and activities and insulate against potential requests for budget reductions

SortTitle: proposal planning & amp;writing, 6th edition
Edition: 6
Keyword(s): Budgets and Budget Narratives; Dissemination; Evaluation; Goals, Objectives, and Outcomes; Government Grants; Letter Proposals; Logic Models; Methods; Pre-Proposal Contacts; Private Foundation Grants; Problem Statement; Reviewer Comments; Site Visits; Business: Business Communications
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Jeremy T. Minerauthor
Kelly C. Ballauthor
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