Church and State: Documents Decoded

David K. Rydenauthor
Jeffrey J. Poletauthor
Church and State: Documents Decoded



Pages 304
Topics Politics, Law, and Government

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Church and State: Documents Decoded

Author(s): Ryden, David; Polet, Jeffrey;
Contributors: Ryden, David; Polet, Jeffrey;

This thoroughly annotated document collection gives students and researchers an authoritative source for understanding the evolving political and legal relationship between church and state from colonial times to the present day.

• Presents a balanced, fact-based examination of the myths and facts regarding church-state relations in the United States

• Provides students and other readers with a one-stop collection of pertinent documents and court cases, the understanding of which is greatly enhanced by extensive but accessible annotations

• Offers an extensive bibliography of books, periodicals, films, media, and websites

SortTitle: church and state: documents decoded
Keyword(s): Politics, Law, and Government
Author Info:
David K. Rydenauthor
Jeffrey J. Poletauthor
eISBN-13: 9781610699495
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Pages: 304
Publication Date: 20171231
Series: Documents Decoded