Library Information Systems, 2nd Edition

Joseph R. Matthewsauthor
Carson Blockauthor
Library Information Systems, 2nd Edition


Libraries Unlimited

Pages 348
Topics Apps;Electronic Resource Management Systems;Gigabit Communication Networks;ILS Vendors;Information Technology Standards;Library Systems Marketplace;Mobile Devices;Next-Generation Library Systems;NISO Standards;Open Integrated Library Systems;Open Systems;Project COUNTER

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Library Information Systems, 2nd Edition

Author(s): Matthews, Joseph; Block, Carson;
Contributors: Matthews, Joseph; Block, Carson;

Information systems are central to libraries, and managing information systems is critical to serving library communities. Both a textbook for LIS courses and a handbook for practitioners, this volume thoroughly addresses modern libraries' challenges of integrating information technology.

• Covers all aspects of library information systems within a broad context

• Written to be easily understandable and informative to a wide readership, including LIS students, library administrators, and managers, regardless of technical background or knowledge

• Fully addresses current practice while also offering a glimpse into future trends in this quickly changing field, helping practitioners and future practitioners keep abreast of the field

• Perfectly suited as a text for courses in LIS and as an everyday reference for practitioners

SortTitle: library information systems, 2nd edition
Edition: 2
Keyword(s): Apps; Electronic Resource Management Systems; Gigabit Communication Networks; ILS Vendors; Information Technology Standards; Library Systems Marketplace; Mobile Devices; Next-Generation Library Systems; NISO Standards; Open Integrated Library Systems; Open Systems; Project COUNTER
Author Info:
Joseph R. Matthewsauthor
Carson Blockauthor
eISBN-13: 9781440851957
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Print ISBN-13: 9781440851940
Imprint: Libraries Unlimited
Pages: 348
Publication Date: 20191130

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Table of Contents pages: 1 2