Racism in America: A Reference Handbook

Steven L. Foyauthor

Steven L. Foy is assistant professor of sociology at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley.

Racism in America: A Reference Handbook



Pages 368
Topics Chavez, Caesar;Criminal Justice System;Davis, Angela;Jim Crow South;King, Martin Luther, Jr.;Little Rock Nine;Racial Disparities in Education;Rice, Thomas Dartmouth;Robinson, Jackie;Slavery;Special Field Order #15;Current Events and Issues: Ethnicity;Race and Ethnicity

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Racism in America: A Reference Handbook

Author(s): Foy, Steven;
Contributors: Foy, Steven;

This book explains how race, once a differentiating factor, became a major basis for stratification in America that pervaded scientific thought, religious doctrine, governmental policy, and the patterned actions of decision-makers in all sectors of social life.

Racism in America: A Reference Handbook diverges from the typical focus of accounts of racism on interpersonal prejudice and discrimination to situate racism within structural processes to demonstrate the systematic nature of racial discrimination. Racial progress, though notable, has largely addressed symptoms of the racialized social system rather than tackling the ways in which the system is inherently patterned to benefit whites. This book provides evidence that racial discrimination is not an occasional decision made by individuals.

The book provides readers with a background and history of race in America; a thorough treatment of the problems, controversies, and solutions related to race; a perspectives section including essays from experts in a variety of related fields; profiles of important people and organizations; and a section dedicated to data and documents. Its organizational strategy benefits the reader, first explaining core concepts and providing context for racism in America before moving into more specific applications in the work of relevant experts and providing directions for further study.

• Provides readers with a structural analysis of how racism is embedded in the foundations of American society

• Combines academic research on racism in America with perspectives from attorneys, activists, religious leaders, and others with experiences of institutional racism

• Provides a sociologically grounded explanation of racism that demonstrates how racism in America was not arbitrary or solely interpersonal but rather planned, organized, and, at times, remarkably sophisticated in transferring power from racial minorities to whites

• Includes a chronology of milestone events alongside resources for further study

SortTitle: racism in america: a reference handbook
Keyword(s): Chavez, Caesar; Criminal Justice System; Davis, Angela; Jim Crow South; King, Martin Luther, Jr.; Little Rock Nine; Racial Disparities in Education; Rice, Thomas Dartmouth; Robinson, Jackie; Slavery; Special Field Order #15; Current Events and Issues: Ethnicity; Race and Ethnicity
Author Info:
Steven L. Foyauthor

Steven L. Foy is assistant professor of sociology at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley.

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