Modern Brazil

Javier A. Galvánauthor

Javier A. Galván, PhD, is professor of history and Spanish at Santa Ana College.

Modern Brazil



Pages 432
Topics Abortion Ban;The Amazon Basin;Economic Rise;Education Challenges;Environmental Concerns;Festivals;Foreign Policy;Geography;Political Corruption;Popular Culture;Popular Music;Race;Religion;Soccer;Geography and World Cultures: Countries and Regions;World History: Culture

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Modern Brazil

Author(s): Galván, Javier;
Contributors: Galván, Javier;

This book is a crucial reference source for high school and undergraduate college students interested in contemporary Brazil. While it provides a general historical and cultural background, it focuses on issues affecting modern Brazil.

In recent years, Brazil has come onto the world stage as an economic powerhouse, a leader in Latin America. This latest addition to the Understanding Modern Nations series focuses on Brazil's culture, history, and society.

This volume provides readers with a wide understanding of Brazil's historical past, the foundation for its cultural traditions, and an understanding of its social structure. In addition, it provides a look into contemporary society by highlighting both national accomplishments and challenges Brazilians face in the twenty-first century.

Specific chapters cover geography; history; government and politics; economy; religion; social classes and ethnicity; gender, marriage and sexuality; education; language; etiquette; literature and drama; arts and architecture; music and dance; food; leisure and sports; and media, cinema, and popular culture. Entries within each chapter look at topics such as cultural icons, economic inequalities, race and ethnicity, soccer, politics, environmental conservation, and women's rights. Ideal for high school and undergraduate students, this volume paints a panoramic overview of one of the most powerful countries in the Americas.

  • The volume covers a wide range of topics, including social issues, cultural traditions, and controversial contemporary issues, making it a comprehensive and valuable thematic encyclopedia
  • "Day in the Life" features portray the specific daily activities of various people in Brazil, from teenagers to working adults in different fields, thereby providing readers insight into daily life in the country
  • Key terms related to the reading are defined in a glossary appendix
  • A chart of national holidays provides at-a-glance information about Brazil's important religious and secular holidays
  • Photos illuminate the text, illustrating key topics
  • Sidebars provide fun facts and anecdotal information that help to engage readers

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Keyword(s): Abortion Ban; The Amazon Basin; Economic Rise; Education Challenges; Environmental Concerns; Festivals; Foreign Policy; Geography; Political Corruption; Popular Culture; Popular Music; Race; Religion; Soccer; Geography and World Cultures: Countries and Regions; World History: Culture
Author Info:
Javier A. Galvánauthor

Javier A. Galván, PhD, is professor of history and Spanish at Santa Ana College.

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Pages: 432
Publication Date: 20200831
Series: Understanding Modern Nations

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Table of Contents pages: 1 2