Inequality in America: Causes and Consequences

Robert S. Rycrofteditor
Kimberley Kinsleyeditor
Inequality in America: Causes and Consequences



Pages 416
Topics Demographics;Working-Class;Wealth;Tax Policy;Socioeconomic Conditions;Social Welfare Programs;Rich-Poor Divide;Race Discrimination;Poverty;One Percent;Middle-Class;Marriage and Family;Housing Costs;Health Care Costs;Gender Discrimination;Educational Opportunity;Economic Inequality

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Inequality in America: Causes and Consequences

Contributors: Rycroft, Robert; Kinsley, Kimberley;

This authoritative reference work explores the factors driving the much-debated increase in economic inequality in U.S. society, as well as the impact that this divide is having on U.S. culture, politics, families, communities, and institutions.

This reference work provides an authoritative and comprehensive resource for both students and scholars who are interested in learning more about the rich-poor divide in the United States—a divide regarded by many lawmakers, researchers, pundits, and concerned citizens as one of the nation's most serious problems. The book provides important historical background for understanding how the nation has grappled with (or ignored) this issue in the past, examines specific causes of inequality identified by observers across the political spectrum, and summarizes the potential consequences (both present and future) of economic inequality.

This book examines more than 25 issues frequently cited as factors contributing to the rapidly widening gap between socioeconomic classes in the U.S., ranging from such demographic factors as race and gender to tax code provisions and differences in access to quality education and health care. The book also provides both a retrospective and prospective look at government policies aimed at addressing inequality or assisting the poor. Finally, the book looks ahead to survey the future of inequality in America.

  • Coverage of more than 25 distinct factors contributing to the widening rich-poor divide in the U.S.
  • Evenhanded presentation of both progressive and conservative perspectives on key economic issues
  • Authoritative but accessible entries that provide illumination and insights for academics and students alike

Editor(s): Rycroft, Robert; Kinsley, Kimberley;
SortTitle: inequality in america: causes and consequences
Keyword(s): Demographics; Working-Class; Wealth; Tax Policy; Socioeconomic Conditions; Social Welfare Programs; Rich-Poor Divide; Race Discrimination; Poverty; One Percent; Middle-Class; Marriage and Family; Housing Costs; Health Care Costs; Gender Discrimination; Educational Opportunity; Economic Inequality
Author Info:
Robert S. Rycrofteditor
Kimberley Kinsleyeditor
eISBN-13: 9781440865152
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Pages: 416
Publication Date: 20210630