American Women's History on Film

Rosanne Welchauthor
Peg A. Lamphierauthor
American Women's History on Film



Pages 200
Topics Corporate Malfeasance;Unions;Suffrage;Sexual Harassment;Sexism;Segregation;Prostitution;Military;Male Gaze;Law;Immigration;Crime;American History: Gender;Popular Culture: Film

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

American Women's History on Film

Author(s): Welch, Rosanne; Lamphier, Peg;
Contributors: Welch, Rosanne; Lamphier, Peg;

By exploring a range of films about American women, this book offers readers an opportunity to engage in both history and film in a new way, embracing representation, diversity, and historical context.

Throughout film history, stories of women achieving in American history appear few and far between compared to the many epic tales of male achievement. This book focuses largely on films written by women and about women who tackled the humanist issues of their day and mostly won.

Films about women are important for all viewers of all genders because they remind us that the American Experience is not just male and white. This book examines 10 films, featuring diverse depictions of women and women's history, and encourages readers to discern how and where these films deviate from historical accuracy. Covering films from the 1950s all the way to the 2010s, this text is invaluable for students and general readers who wish to interrogate the way women's history appears on the big screen.

  • Focuses on 10 films with an emphasis on racial and class diversity</li>

  • Explores where storytelling and historical accuracy diverge and clarifies the historical record around the events of the films</li>

  • Organized chronologically, emphasizing the progression of women's history as portrayed on film</li>

  • Accessible for general readers as well as students</li>


SortTitle: american women's history on film
Keyword(s): Corporate Malfeasance; Unions; Suffrage; Sexual Harassment; Sexism; Segregation; Prostitution; Military; Male Gaze; Law; Immigration; Crime; American History: Gender; Popular Culture: Film
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Rosanne Welchauthor
Peg A. Lamphierauthor
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