Supporting Diversity and Inclusion With Story: Authentic Folktales and Discussion Guides

Lyn Fordeditor
Sherry Norfolkeditor
Supporting Diversity and Inclusion With Story: Authentic Folktales and Discussion Guides


Libraries Unlimited

Pages 146
Topics Character Development;Cultural Diversity;Cultural Literacy;Racial Tension;Teen and Pre-teen Patrons;Understanding and Acceptance;World Folktales;Librarian's Instructional Role: Teaching Resources, K-12;Folklore

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Supporting Diversity and Inclusion With Story: Authentic Folktales and Discussion Guides

Contributors: Ford, Lyn; Norfolk, Sherry;

Today's increasingly interconnected and globalized world demands that students be taught to appreciate human diversity and recognize universally held values and beliefs. Authentic, culturally based folktales can lay the foundation for this cultural understanding.

Professional storytellers including editors Sherry Norfolk and Lyn Ford are deeply committed to bringing people together through story. In this book, they have identified a group of culturally diverse storytellers whose carefully researched tales authentically reflect the cultures from which they come. The book includes well-crafted, culturally authentic folktales contributed by storytellers of varying cultures and ethnicities. Commentaries from the contributors follow each tale, reflecting on the story and its significance to the culture it represents. Sets of questions for teachers and librarians also accompany each story to facilitate discussion.

Teachers, librarians and information specialists find that the stories engage students' attention and empathy. The commentaries provide insights into the significance of cultural norms, customs, and beliefs represented in the story, and the discussion questions and guides help them drill down with students to achieve deeper understanding. Resource lists of additional relevant materials at the end of each section promote continued learning.

  • Folktales are engaging, non-didactic and entertaining – they captivate student attention while allowing them to explore other cultures and value systems.
  • Provides commentaries that offer insights into the significance of the cultural norms and beliefs represented in each story
  • Includes thoughtful and effective discussion questions and guides that save librarians and teachers time
  • Offers resource lists of relevant materials for further study

Editor(s): Ford, Lyn; Norfolk, Sherry;
SortTitle: supporting diversity and inclusion with story: authentic folktales and discussion guides
Keyword(s): Character Development; Cultural Diversity; Cultural Literacy; Racial Tension; Teen and Pre-teen Patrons; Understanding and Acceptance; World Folktales; Librarian's Instructional Role: Teaching Resources, K-12; Folklore
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Lyn Fordeditor
Sherry Norfolkeditor
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