Librarian's Guide to Games and Gamers: From Collection Development to Advisory Services

Michelle Goodridgeauthor
Matthew J. Rohwederauthor
Librarian's Guide to Games and Gamers: From Collection Development to Advisory Services


Libraries Unlimited

Pages 262
Topics Virtual Reality;Video Game Consoles;School Libraries;Roleplay Games;Purchasing;Public Libraries;Professional Development;Online Video Games;Library Programming;Gamers Advisory;Game Preservation;Collection Maintenance;Collection Development;Cataloging;Board Games;Academic Libraries

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Librarian's Guide to Games and Gamers: From Collection Development to Advisory Services

Author(s): Goodridge, Michelle; Rohweder, Matthew;
Contributors: Goodridge, Michelle; Rohweder, Matthew;

Helps librarians who are not themselves seasoned gamers to better understand the plethora of gaming products available and how they might appeal to library users.

As games grow ever-more ubiquitous in our culture and communities, they have become popular staples in public library collections and are increasing in prominence in academic ones. Many librarians, especially those who are not themselves gamers or are only acquainted with a handful of games, are ill-prepared to successfully advise patrons who use games. This book provides the tools to help adult and youth services librarians to better understand the gaming landscape and better serve gamers in discovery of new games—whether they are new to gaming or seasoned players—through advisory services.

This book maps all types of games—board, roleplaying, digital, and virtual reality—providing all the information needed to understand and appropriately recommend games to library users. Organized by game type, hundreds of descriptions offer not only bibliographic information (title, publication date, series, and format/platform), but genre classifications, target age ranges for players, notes on gameplay and user behavior type, and short descriptions of the game's basic premise and appeals.

  • Provides a new approach to gaming that fills the gap in the library by introducing the idea of gamers' advisory
  • Contains a representative list of board games, video games, roleplaying games, card games, and more for librarians to consult when working with patrons or programming
  • Discusses the aspects of gaming collections in libraries including cataloguing, preservation, purchasing and collection development, stack maintenance, understanding player motivation, genre-specific terminology and phrases, future trends (e.g., AI, AR, VR), and other tips and tricks for maintaining a successful gaming collection

SortTitle: librarian's guide to games and gamers: from collection development to advisory services
Keyword(s): Virtual Reality; Video Game Consoles; School Libraries; Roleplay Games; Purchasing; Public Libraries; Professional Development; Online Video Games; Library Programming; Gamers Advisory; Game Preservation; Collection Maintenance; Collection Development; Cataloging; Board Games; Academic Libraries
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Michelle Goodridgeauthor
Matthew J. Rohwederauthor
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