Beijing: Geography, History, and Culture

Qian Guoauthor

Qian Guo, PhD, is associate professor of geography in the Department of Geography and Environment at San Francisco State University.

Beijing: Geography, History, and Culture



Pages 344
Topics Beijing in Popular Culture;Capital Economy;Crime and Prevention;Demographic Diversity;Environmental Challenges;Environmental Change and the City;Environmental Impact;Future Development;Hazards and Mitigation;Politics;Security and Public Safety;World History: Culture

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Beijing: Geography, History, and Culture

Author(s): Guo, Qian;
Contributors: Guo, Qian;

This comprehensive volume examines contemporary life and history in Beijing, covering topics such as culture, politics, economics, crime, security, the environment, and more.

While it is not China's most populated city, Beijing serves an important role as the political and cultural capital of the country. This volume examines Beijing's long history, contemporary society, and current challenges the city faces as we move further into the 21st century.

Geared toward high school readers, undergraduates, and general readers interested in learning about Beijing, this volume consists of 12 narrative chapters focused on geography, history, and culture. Coverage includes location, people, history, politics, economy, environment and sustainability, local crime and violence, security issues, natural hazards and emergency management, culture and lifestyle, popular culture, and the future. "Life in the City" sidebars feature interviews and memories transcribed by people who are from, lived in, or traveled through Beijing, while sidebars offer cultural fun facts and travel tips.

This volume is the perfect read for anyone looking to get a better idea of what life is like in Beijing and how its culture has arrived at this point.

  • Provides readers with a unique assessment of Beijing's development by emphasizing the effects of the natural environment on the city
  • Examines the problems, challenges, and potential of Beijing
  • A Chronology provides a succinct, at-a-glance timeline of events in the city's history
  • "Life in the City" inset boxes help readers to gain a better understanding of what life is like in the city, told from the viewpoint of city inhabitants and visitors
  • Sidebars help to reveal fun facts about the city, such as interesting laws and cultural taboos
  • Photos help to illustrate the text and depict important sites, people, and cultural traditions found in the city
  • Narrative chapters make this volume both accessible and engaging, ideal for students as well as general readers

SortTitle: beijing: geography, history, and culture
Keyword(s): Beijing in Popular Culture; Capital Economy; Crime and Prevention; Demographic Diversity; Environmental Challenges; Environmental Change and the City; Environmental Impact; Future Development; Hazards and Mitigation; Politics; Security and Public Safety; World History: Culture
Author Info:
Qian Guoauthor

Qian Guo, PhD, is associate professor of geography in the Department of Geography and Environment at San Francisco State University.

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