Authenticity: Building a Brand in an Insincere Age

Mark Toftauthor
Jay Sunnyauthor
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Authenticity: Building a Brand in an Insincere Age



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Topics Advertising;Branding;Business;Current Events and Issues;Media Planning;Messaging;Sales;Social Media;Technology;Business: Marketing, Advertising and Sales;Current Events and Issues: Business

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Authenticity: Building a Brand in an Insincere Age

Author(s): Toft, Mark; Sunny, Jay; Taylor, Rich;
Contributors: Toft, Mark; Sunny, Jay; Taylor, Rich;

A common problem in marketing is what a brand says in advertising isn't always what customers and employees experience. This book shows you how to align your marketing efforts with the purpose of your brand.

Too many companies depend on marketing tactics that don't match the needs and concerns of their customers, or embrace messaging and causes that don't connect. Authenticity is an anti-gimmick business book. It prescribes clear strategies that enable companies to communicate in a more genuine, emotional way.

Authors Mark Toft, Jay Sunny, and Rich Taylor provide a series of approaches to help embrace and communicate the purpose of your brand with effectiveness. Whether you're a business executive who wants to be more persuasive or an advertising professional looking to grow your brand, this book combines the authors' successful experiences at top agencies into practical advice that can work for anyone in any business.

Readers will learn the importance of purpose and conflict in marketing activities, how to approach advertising with clarity and passion, and how to plan content while avoiding the false allure of aspirational advertising and insincere corporate social responsibility. Inauthentic messaging can often spell failure for a business, but the company that tells a genuine, compelling story to its clients is the one that succeeds.

  • Supports reading in small doses through short, provocative chapters
  • Offers refreshed principles and strategies to help reveal or recover authenticity in your branding, messaging, advertising, and marketing
  • Roots advice in over five decades of combined business and marketing experiences producing award-winning campaigns
  • Provides examples and analysis of brands that align marketing with their genuine purposes
  • Relates surprising and commonsense wisdom in an engaging style, free of business jargon

SortTitle: authenticity: building a brand in an insincere age
Keyword(s): Advertising; Branding; Business; Current Events and Issues; Media Planning; Messaging; Sales; Social Media; Technology; Business: Marketing, Advertising and Sales; Current Events and Issues: Business
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Mark Toftauthor
Jay Sunnyauthor
Rich Taylorauthor
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