American Revolution: The Essential Reference Guide

Spencer C. Tuckereditor

Spencer C. Tucker, PhD, has been senior fellow in military history at ABC-CLIO since 2003.

American Revolution: The Essential Reference Guide



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Topics American Revolution;U.S. Warfare;U.S. Constitution;Reference;Primary source documents;Military History;Articles of Confederation;Battle of Yorktown;Battle of Trenton;Boston Tea Party;Constitution;Conway Cabal;France in the Revolution;George Washington;Infantry Tactics

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

American Revolution: The Essential Reference Guide

Contributors: Tucker, Spencer;

Providing a kaleidoscope of resources and entries on the people, places, and events that coalesced into the American Revolution, this guide offers a concise introduction to one of the most famous revolutions ever fought.

Though the American Revolution is often described within the thematic model of suppression versus freedom, the true significance of the event can be found in its nuances. Explicating complex issues, from slavery and the role of women to matters of diplomacy and strategic warfare, this guide offers comprehensive coverage of the American Revolution without oversimplifying its many facets.

Entries on key documents like the Articles of Confederation and the U.S. Constitution help readers grasp the full scope of the revolution's catalysts as well as its achievements. Primary source documents also provide access to the revolution as experienced in real-time. Author Spencer C. Tucker, editor of ABC-CLIO's award-winning five-volume set American Revolution: The Definitive Encyclopedia and Document Collection, draws on his expertise to prepare the most pertinent entries on the American Revolution that both address its core elements and spur further research.

  • Chronology reinforces progression of the revolution as well as major events
  • Primary source documents offer insight into the decisions and events of the American Revolution as they unfolded
  • Interdisciplinary array of entries frames the American Revolution in various contexts
  • Concise format ensures comprehensive coverage of complex topics without fluff

Editor(s): Tucker, Spencer;
SortTitle: american revolution: the essential reference guide
Keyword(s): American Revolution; U.S. Warfare; U.S. Constitution; Reference; Primary source documents; Military History; Articles of Confederation; Battle of Yorktown; Battle of Trenton; Boston Tea Party; Constitution; Conway Cabal; France in the Revolution; George Washington; Infantry Tactics
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Spencer C. Tuckereditor

Spencer C. Tucker, PhD, has been senior fellow in military history at ABC-CLIO since 2003.

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