Hormones: Your Questions Answered

Tish Davidsonauthor

Tish Davidson, AM, is a medical writer specializing in making technical information accessible to a general readership.

Hormones: Your Questions Answered



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Topics Case Studies;Adolescent Health;Testosterone;Steroids;Sex vs. Gender;Q&A Format;Puberty;Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS);Pituitary Gland;Metabolism;Leptin;Insulin;Hypothalamus;Human Growth Hormone;Hormonal Acne;Grehlin;Estrogen;Endocrine Disrupters;Sex vs gender

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Hormones: Your Questions Answered

Author(s): Davidson, Tish;
Contributors: Davidson, Tish;

This book provides easy-to-understand, scientifically backed answers to readers' questions about hormones, helping them understand the many important roles they play, particularly during adolescence.

Especially during the teenage years, people are quick to blame raging hormones for everything from acne to rebellious behavior. But hormones play vital and varied roles throughout our lives, driving such basic processes as growth and metabolism and orchestrating sexual maturation and reproduction. But for many, hormones are mysterious and misunderstood. How much do you really know about hormones, how they affect our health, and how what we do can affect them?

Books in Greenwood's Q&A Health Guides</b> series follow a reader-friendly question-and-answer format that anticipates readers' needs and concerns. Prevalent myths and misconceptions are identified and dispelled, and a collection of case studies illustrate key concepts and issues through relatable stories and insightful recommendations. Each book also includes a section on health literacy, equipping teens and young adults with practical tools and strategies for finding, evaluating, and using credible sources of health information both on and off the internet—important skills that contribute to a lifetime of healthy decision making.

  • Readers will gain a better understanding of what hormones are, what they do in the body, and the impact they have throughout our lives</li>

  • Simple Q&A format makes the subject approachable and accessible to readers, allowing them to find specific information quickly and easily</li>

  • Guide to Health Literacy section helps readers improve their research and critical thinking skills when finding and evaluating health information</li>

  • Case studies offer real-world examples of concepts discussed in the book to provide additional context and examples</li>

  • Common myths section dispels popular misconceptions surrounding hormones and points readers toward detailed and accurate information provided in the main text</li>


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Tish Davidsonauthor

Tish Davidson, AM, is a medical writer specializing in making technical information accessible to a general readership.

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