How to Write and Publish a Scientific Paper, 9th Edition

Barbara Gastelauthor
Robert A. Dayauthor
How to Write and Publish a Scientific Paper, 9th Edition



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Topics Writing a Thesis;Submitting Your Manuscript;Writing about Science in English as a Foreign Language;Writing for the Public about Science;Seeking a Scientific-Communication Career;reference;Reports;Preparing Oral and Poster Presentations;Manuscript Submission and Review;How to Approach a Writing Project;Grant Proposals and Progress;Ethics in Scientific Publishing;Scientific Writing Style

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

How to Write and Publish a Scientific Paper, 9th Edition

Author(s): Gastel, Barbara; Day, Robert;
Contributors: Gastel, Barbara; Day, Robert;

Thoroughly updated throughout, this classic, practical text on how to write and publish a scientific paper takes its own advice to be "as clear and simple as possible."

"The purpose of scientific writing," according to Barbara Gastel and Robert A. Day, "is to communicate new scientific findings. Science is simply too important to be communicated in anything other than words of certain meaning."

This clear, beautifully written, and often funny text is a must-have for anyone who needs to communicate scientific information, whether they're writing for a professor, other scientists, or the general public. The thoughtfully revised ninth edition retains the most important material—including preparing text and graphics, publishing papers and other types of writing, and plenty of information on writing style—while adding up-to-date advice on copyright, presenting online, identifying authors, creating visual abstracts, and writing in English as a non-native language.

A set of valuable appendixes provide ready reference, including words and expressions to avoid, SI prefixes, a list of helpful websites, and a glossary. Students and working scientists will want to keep How to Write and Publish a Scientific Paper</i> at their desks and refer to it at every stage of writing and publication.

  • Provides practical, easy-to-read, and immediately applicable guidance on preparing each part of a scientific paper, from the title and abstract to each section of the main text to acknowledgments and references</li>

  • Explains step-by-step how to decide to which journal to submit a paper, what happens to a paper after submission, and how to work effectively with a journal throughout the publication process</li>

  • Includes key advice on other communication important to success in scientific careers, such as giving presentations, writing proposals, and writing for a general audience</li>

  • Presents updated information throughout and new material on timely topics like copyright and presenting online</li>


SortTitle: how to write and publish a scientific paper, 9th edition
Edition: 9
Keyword(s): Writing a Thesis; Submitting Your Manuscript; Writing about Science in English as a Foreign Language; Writing for the Public about Science; Seeking a Scientific-Communication Career; reference; Reports; Preparing Oral and Poster Presentations; Manuscript Submission and Review; How to Approach a Writing Project; Grant Proposals and Progress; Ethics in Scientific Publishing; Scientific Writing Style
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Barbara Gastelauthor
Robert A. Dayauthor
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