Encyclopedia of Cyber Warfare

Paul J. Springereditor
Paul J. Springerauthor
Encyclopedia of Cyber Warfare



Pages 400
Topics Security Studies

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Encyclopedia of Cyber Warfare

Author(s): Springer, Paul;
Contributors: Springer, Paul; Springer, Paul;

This definitive reference resource on cyber warfare covers all aspects of this headline topic, providing historical context of cyber warfare and an examination its rapid development into a potent technological weapon of the 21st century.

• Provides comprehensive coverage of the major individuals, organizations, impacts, and issues related to cyber warfare that enables readers to better understanding of the impact of cyber warfare on modern conflicts

• Includes a detailed chronology that documents the evolution and use of cyber warfare over the past few decades

• Supplies further readings and a lengthy bibliography that offer a wealth of options to students conducting extensive research on the subject

Editor(s): Springer, Paul;
SortTitle: encyclopedia of cyber warfare
Keyword(s): Security Studies
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Paul J. Springereditor
Paul J. Springerauthor
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Table of Contents pages: 1 2