Universal Navigation
Each page of the ABC-CLIO eBooks collection contains the links to the following sections: Home, About, My Account, Terms of Use, Help, and Contact Us. You may also logout from any page, as the Logout link is in the top right-hand corner. The eBook Search Box appears on the left side of most pages. For more information about Search, see “Searching.”

Each individual eBook landing page contains basic information about the title, as well as three drop-down tabs: Description, which contains an overview of the title; Reviews/Endorsements; and Table of Contents. Clicking on any of the Contents entry links will lead you to that particular entry or chapter within the reading pane.

Navigation within an eBook in the Reading Pane
Across the top of the reading pane, from the left, you have the option to go back to the Home page, view the Document Details (which brings you back to the eBook’s landing page, displaying the metadata about the eBook), and My Account, which will bring you to the alphabetical list of titles in your institution’s collection. On the top right of the reading pane, you have a search box, and you can toggle the search between “this book” and “all books.” All books will search only the books in your institution’s collection.

When viewing a page in the reading pane, you have a number of navigation options. You can move from page to page by clicking the < and > arrows on the sides of the pages in the reading pane. Additionally, on the top right is a small page navigation box; by keying in the page number and clicking Go, you will be brought to the appropriate page. In the left Navigation pane, the icon that looks like a bulleted list will bring up the table of Contents. Top-level items will have a + next to them; clicking the + will expand the Contents list, and all items are links to that particular entry in the text. Finally, across the bottom of the reading pane are thumbnail views of all of the pages within the eBook, and you can scroll through them and click any page.

Font Size: You may adjust the font size of the text in the reading pane to fit your personal preferences by using the + and – buttons on the left.

Resources: You can view the resources included with a title, in the event that additional content has been made available (study guides, video, etc.).

Extracting/Printing: You can extract text to save to your notes. You can also click the print link to access a "printer friendly" version of the page without any navigation elements. Your browser's print menu should pop up automatically, allowing you to print a "clean" copy of the entry. You may print the exact page you are viewing, the entire chapter you are viewing, or a range of pages within the chapter.

Email/Sharing: As an authenticated ABC-CLIO eBook Collection user, you have the option of sharing content via Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or emailing it by clicking on the appropriate links in the left navigation panel. Content is limited to one piece of content (chapter or entry) and will be sent as a plain text email.


You may view a complete listing of your institution’s eBook collection by clicking on “My Account,” which appears on the top of each page in the site. This will bring up an alphabetical list of your institution’s eBook collection. Clicking on a title will lead you to the information about that eBook, as well as the table of contents. Clicking on any entry in the table of contents will bring you to that page in the eBook.


General Info
Once you are logged in to the ABC-CLIO platform, the eBook Search option, available on the left of nearly every page in the eBooks Collection, permits you to query your institution's ABC-CLIO eBook holdings in many ways:

  • Title
  • Author(s)
  • eISBN-13
  • Print ISBN-13
  • Edition
  • Publication Year
  • Imprint
  • Topics

There are also options to search the text of the eBooks in your institution’s collection (“Full Text”) and to search the metadata of the eBooks in your institution’s collection (“Abstract”). These search boxes allow you to type in key words or phrases and view the results.

Please note that the “Full Text” search will only search the titles available on the new ABC-CLIO eBook platform; the other search fields (title, ISBNs, etc.) will search all titles in your collection, whether they are hosted on the new platform or the old platform.

Keep in mind that multiple search terms will be joined together with Boolean ANDs, and that surrounding your search terms with quotation marks will only return results for that exact phrase. For example, a Quick Search for Harriet Tubman (without quotes around it) will return all content containing "Harriet" AND "Tubman," while a search for "Harriet Tubman" (with quotes around it) will return all content with the words "Harriet" AND "Tubman" in that exact order somewhere in the title, body, or indexing metadata.

Generally speaking, the more boxes you use the more specific your query will be and the fewer results you will see.

Search Limiters: You may limit your search results in three additional ways: by Publication Year; Imprint; and Topics.

To the right of the Primary search boxes are three drop-down boxes, in which you can choose to limit your results by Publication Year, Imprint, and Topics. For each of these categories, you may choose one check box or multiple check boxes. Searches default to returning all Publication Years, Imprints, and Topics if no limiters are selected. Please note, only titles in your institution's holdings in the ABC-CLIO eBook Collection will be searched.

Boolean Search: Boolean Search is available in the Full Text and Abstract search fields. The Search Operators the ABC-CLIO eBook Collection's search engine understands are:

  • and (AND or +)
  • or (OR or |)
  • not (NOT or -)
  • adjacency (ADJ# - replace the # with a number)
  • near (NEAR# - replace the # with a number)
  • single character wildcard (?)
  • multiple character wildcard (*)

Adjacency and Near Operators: When used, the adjacency operator specifies the order in which terms must appear and how far apart those terms can be. For example, a result for the search term "Rock ADJ3 (Roll OR Music)" must contain "Rock … Roll" or "Rock … Music" no more than three words apart and in that order to be returned. An entry with only "Music … Rock" would not be returned. The near operator disregards the order of terms and looks instead only for distance between them.

When you are within a title, you may choose to search the entire contents of the title you are currently reading (“this book”) or all ABC-CLIO eBook titles that your library holds (“all books”) from the search box on the top right corner of the screen.

Search Results
A message with your search term(s) and the number of results is displayed above the results set. The first 20 results are displayed. Your search terms are also displayed on the left, and you are given the option to further Filter your options.

Full Text Search results are displayed by title with the page number and relevant text per that pertains to the search term indicated. Clicking on the Title links to the first instance of the search term in the eBook.

Searches by Title, Author(s), the ISBNs, Abstract, Edition, Publication Year, Imprint, or Topics are also displayed by title. Clicking on the Title link will bring you to the information about that eBook, as well as the table of contents. Clicking on any entry in the table of contents will bring you to that page in the eBook.

Search Relevancy: Results for Search are weighted. The appearance of the search term (or terms) in the title of the eBook or chapter is weighted most highly, followed by its appearance in the Subject Category terms used to classify the content, and the number of times the term (or terms) appears in the eBook itself. In other words, if the term appears in the title of the eBook it will generally appear higher on the list of results than an eBook that contains the same term only in the body of the text.

Search Tips
Case Sensitivity, Special Characters, and Stemming: Searching is not case sensitive. A search for "Pliny the Younger," "pliny the younger," and "PLINY THE YOUNGER" will return the same results in the same order. Modified characters, such as "ñ," "é," or "ì," can be typed into the Search box simply as "n," "e," or "i." Words can be stemmed using the single character wildcard, ?, or the multiple character wildcard, *.


MARC Records for your account can be accessed at MARC Record Admin Page after logging in.


A number of older titles were not brought over to our new platform. If you have a title in your collection that was not brought over to the new platform, you may still access it. A link to our previous site is provided upon selecting the title from the search results or clicking the title under My Account. With the exception of the full-text search, search functionality is applied to all the titles in your collection regardless of whether or not the titles reside on our new or previous platform.


Minimum Browser Requirements: Internet Explorer 9.x or higher, Firefox 25, Safari 6.x, Chrome 30. Mobile: Tablet, smartphone, or media player running at least iOS 6.0 or Android 4.3
Browser Settings: JavaScript and cookies enabled.

Remote Access Proxy Configuration
Configuration notes for EZProxy and Innovative Interface Proxy (III) with sample configuration files can be found at


How to use the ReadSpeaker Listen function

ReadSpeaker allows the text on the website to be read out loud to you. It provides you assistance if you have trouble reading text online. By having the text read out loud to you, you can understand the information on the website more easily. This makes the content more accessible and the website more pleasant to visit. As a user you don’t have to download anything.

How does it work?

Listen to the main content

You simply click the Listen button to listen to the webpage's content:
Screenshot of listen button

A control panel will appear (see image below) and ReadSpeaker automatically starts reading the text of the webpage out loud.
Screenshot of the control panel

In the control panel you can:

  • Pause/restart the reading
  • Stop the reading
  • Use the progress bar to navigate in the audio
  • Adjust the volume
  • Click the settings icon to adjust the behavior of the service
  • Click the download icon to download the audio file
  • Close the control panel

Listen to selected text

You can select a part of the text that you want to listen to and then press the pop-up Listen button that appears next to the mouse pointer. When you click the pop-up Listen button, a control panel will appear (see the image below) and ReadSpeaker will automatically start reading the text you have selected.
Screenshot of pop-up player


In the settings menu you can:

  • Choose whether you want to have the text highlighted while read
  • Choose style and colors for the highlighting
  • Choose whether you want the reading speed to be slow, medium, or fast
  • Choose whether you want the page to scroll automatically to follow the highlighted text
  • Choose whether you want the pop-up Listen button to be shown when text is selected

Screenshot of the settings page

Since the control panel is built in html, you can use tab/shift+tab to navigate in the control panel and press enter to activate a certain button or link.

Please visit ReadSpeaker's website for more information about online text to speech.

  • Are there limitations to access?
    We offer unlimited, simultaneous access. All students, faculty, staff, and authorized users of the institution that purchases or subscribes to an ABC-CLIO eBook may access the content via IP recognition, username/password, or barcode authentication.

  • Can I access the platform via mobile devices?
    Yes. You can access the eBooks platform in a standard web browser setting on all mobile devices.

  • Is a License Agreement available?
    Yes. A license agreement is available and is generally signed when an institution purchases its first ebooks from ABC-CLIO. Subsequent purchases fall under the terms of the original agreement.

  • How often are new titles added?
    New titles will be uploaded weekly.

  • Are your eBooks regularly updated?
    No, our eBooks are an electronic replica of the print version. Some small errors in the print version may be corrected, but new content will not be added after publication.

  • Does an eBook reproduce all of the illustrations and charts found in the print?
    Nearly every eBook reproduces all portions of ABC-CLIO's print titles.

  • Can I link to a specific eBook chapter?
    Yes. You can link to a specific chapter or to a specific page by using the URL displayed in the address bar. This is also valid if you want to link to a specific title. Click on the Ebook's title (or chapter) and copy and paste the URL displayed in the address bar when setting up your links.

  • Do cookies need to be enabled in my web browser?
    Yes. Cookies will always need to be enabled for users to gain access. The information stored in them is used only to ensure an uninterrupted user experience. They can be deleted when the browser is closed.

  • What are your username/password requirements?
    Both usernames and passwords must be between 6 and 15 alphanumeric characters, with no spaces.

  • I forgot my username or password. What should I do?
    Please see the "Tech Support" section of the Contact Us page.

  • Can you set up IP Authentication?
    Yes. Contact Technical Support to do so.

  • We need to update our IP addresses/contact information/username/password. How should we do so?
    To update any information at all, please contact Technical Support.

  • Can you set up referring URLs?
    Yes, referring URLs can be used as long as they are behind a password protected page on your site.

  • What is a search aggregator?
    A search aggregator refers third-party searching software and services that query multiple search engines or databases at once, and return search results using a single unified search interface. This is sometimes called "federated search."

  • Does this platform allow for federated search functionality?
    Yes. We currently work with various institutions offering Federated Search.

  • Is this platform compatible with Serials Solutions KnowledgeWorks and SFX?

  • Are these titles indexed in and accessible through Reference Universe?
    Yes, all ABC-CLIO titles are fully indexed in Reference Universe. All entry titles are also index terms, as well. A direct link is provided when your library owns or subscribes to a title.

  • Can I download the eBooks to save on my computer?
    Our platform is web-based only and cannot be downloaded separately to your computer.

  • Can eBooks be printed once ordered?
    Yes, we offer full print and email capabilities on our platform.

  • Can I share my eBook with multiple people?
    Yes, we offer unlimited simultaneous access. Any user can share a reference resource within your institution if they have one of the following: username/password; referring URL; or proxy server. Additionally, we offer email and print-sharing tools.

  • Who are your distributor and eBook partners?
    Among others, our ebooks are available through:

    Amazon Kindle
    Credo Ebooks
    Ebrary Inc
    Gale Virtual Reference Library
    YBP Library Services/Baker & Taylor