Astronomy and Culture

Edith W. Hetheringtonauthor
Norriss S. Hetheringtonauthor
Astronomy and Culture



Pages 248
Topics Science

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Astronomy and Culture

Author(s): Hetherington, Edith; Hetherington, Norriss;
Contributors: Hetherington, Edith; Hetherington, Norriss;

While astronomy is a burgeoning science, with tremendous increases in knowledge every year, it also has a tremendous past, one that has altered humanity's understanding of our place in the universe. The impact of astronomy on culture - whether through myths and stories, or through challenges to the intellectual status quo - is incalculable. This volume in the Greenwood Guides to the Universe series examines how human cultures, in all regions and time periods, have tried to make sense of the wonders of the universe. Astronomy and Culture shows students how people throughout time have struggled with the complexities apparent in the night sky, complexities that modern science has only just begun to understand.

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Edith W. Hetheringtonauthor
Norriss S. Hetheringtonauthor
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Series: Greenwood Guides to the Universe