Pop Goes the Decade: The Sixties

Martin Kichauthor
Aaron Barlowauthor
Pop Goes the Decade: The Sixties



Pages 344
Topics The Beatles;Civil Rights Movement;Dr. Strangelove;Hepburn, Audrey;John F. Kennedy Assassination;Joplin, Janis;The Manson Family;Martin Luther King, Jr.;Moon Landing;Presley, Elvis;To Kill a Mockingbird;Vietnam War;American History: Culture

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Pop Goes the Decade: The Sixties

Author(s): Kich, Martin; Barlow, Aaron;
Contributors: Kich, Martin; Barlow, Aaron;

Analyzing complex social and political issues through their manifestations in popular culture, this book provides readers a strong foundational knowledge of the 1960s as a decade.

1969 went out in a way that could never have been imagined in 1960. While the president at the end of the decade had been vice president at the start, the intervening years permanently changed American culture.

Pop Goes the Decade: The Sixties explores the cultural and social framework of the 1960s, addressing film, television, sports, technology, media/advertising, fashion, art, and more. Entries are presented in encyclopedic fashion, organized into categories such as controversies in pop culture, game changers, technology, and the decade's legacy. A timeline highlights significant cultural moments, while an introduction and a conclusion place those moments within the contexts of preceding and subsequent decades.

Attention to the decade's most prominent influencers allows readers to understand the movements with which these figures are associated, and discussion of controversies and social change enables readers to gain a stronger understanding of evolving American social values.

  • Provides readers with a detailed understanding of many aspects of the culture of the decade
  • Explores people, events, and ideas whose impact is still felt after 50 years
  • Covers personalities who helped to shape the decade
  • Suggests areas of further exploration for students interested in popular culture

SortTitle: pop goes the decade: the sixties
Keyword(s): The Beatles; Civil Rights Movement; Dr. Strangelove; Hepburn, Audrey; John F. Kennedy Assassination; Joplin, Janis; The Manson Family; Martin Luther King, Jr.; Moon Landing; Presley, Elvis; To Kill a Mockingbird; Vietnam War; American History: Culture
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Martin Kichauthor
Aaron Barlowauthor
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