Women and Sexuality: Global Lives in Focus

Kelly Campbellauthor
M. L. Parkerauthor
Women and Sexuality: Global Lives in Focus



Pages 304
Topics Empowerment;Gender Equality;Sexuality;Sexual violence;Sexual Orientation;Sexual attitudes;Reproductive health;Religion;Relationships;Rape;Patriarchy;Men;Marriage;history;Gender studies;Gender Identity;Culture and Attitudes toward Sexuality;Gender

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Women and Sexuality: Global Lives in Focus

Author(s): Campbell, Kelly; Parker, M. L.;
Contributors: Campbell, Kelly; Parker, M. L.;

This important volume offers readers an in-depth understanding of women's sexuality around the world, bringing to light a history that is often suppressed.

What is reproductive health like for women in other countries of the world? How are marriage and love viewed in other cultures? This volume examines aspects of women and sexuality across the globe.

Each chapter in this volume focuses on a different world region, including North America, Latin America and the Caribbean, Europe, North Africa and the Middle East, Sub-Saharan Africa, Central and East Asia, South and Southeast Asia, and Oceania. The topics covered in each chapter include sexual attitudes and practices, the influence of religion on sexuality, sexual violence, reproductive health, love and marriage, and the media and sexuality.

Specific country and cultural examples are interwoven such that readers come away with an understanding of the beliefs, practices, traditions, and customs that are common in each world region. Readers will be able to make cross-cultural comparisons, learning how the sexuality of women varies and yet is also the same from culture to culture. This volume is written in clear, jargon-free language, making it appropriate and useful for students and general readers.

  • Offers readers an understanding of women's sexuality across the world
  • Empowers women to understand their history and take ownership of their rights, bodies, and lives
  • Inspires readers to promote gender equality around the world
  • Presents sidebars throughout the text to provide insightful information that enhances the reader's experience
  • Features an at-a-glance chronological timeline of women and world religions throughout history, from ancient times to the present

SortTitle: Women and Sexuality: Global Lives in Focus
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Kelly Campbellauthor
M. L. Parkerauthor
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