Race Relations in America: Examining the Facts

Nikki Khannaauthor
Noriko Matsumotoauthor
Race Relations in America: Examining the Facts



Pages 304
Topics Affirmative Action;White Privilege;Systemic Racism;Segregation;Racial Stereotypes;Racial Attitudes;Race Relations;Race and Ethnicity;Race;Public Opinion;Police Violence;Media Bias;Job Discrimination;Inequality;Immigrants;Housing;Education;Criminal Justice;Colorism;Bigotry

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Race Relations in America: Examining the Facts

Author(s): Khanna, Nikki; Matsumoto, Noriko;
Contributors: Khanna, Nikki; Matsumoto, Noriko;

This book is an essential resource for anyone who wants to understand race in America, drawing on research from a variety of fields to answer frequently asked questions regarding race relations, systemic racism, and racial inequality.

This work is part of a series that uses evidence-based documentation to examine the veracity of claims and beliefs about high-profile issues in American culture and politics. This particular volume examines the true state of race relations and racial inequality in the United States, drawing on empirical research in the hard sciences and social sciences to answer frequently asked questions regarding race and inequality. The book refutes falsehoods, misunderstandings, and exaggerations surrounding these topics and confirms the validity of other assertions.

Assembling this empirical research into one accessible place allows readers to better understand the scholarly evidence on such high-interest topics as white privilege, racial bias in criminal justice, media bias, housing segregation, educational inequality, disparities in employment, racial stereotypes, and personal attitudes about race and ethnicity in America. The authors draw from scholarly research in biology, genetics, medicine, sociology, psychology, anthropology, and economics (among many other fields) to answer these questions, and in doing so they provide readers with the information to enter any conversation about American race relations in the 21st century as informed citizens.

  • Addresses beliefs and claims regarding race and ethnicity in America in an easy-to-navigate question-and-answer format
  • Draws from empirical research in a variety of scholarly fields and presents those findings in a single, lay-friendly location to aid understanding of complex issues
  • Provides readers with leads to conduct further research in extensive Further Reading sections for each entry
  • Examines claims made by individuals and groups of all political backgrounds and ideologies

SortTitle: race relations in america: examining the facts
Keyword(s): Affirmative Action; White Privilege; Systemic Racism; Segregation; Racial Stereotypes; Racial Attitudes; Race Relations; Race and Ethnicity; Race; Public Opinion; Police Violence; Media Bias; Job Discrimination; Inequality; Immigrants; Housing; Education; Criminal Justice; Colorism; Bigotry
Author Info:
Nikki Khannaauthor
Noriko Matsumotoauthor
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Pages: 304
Publication Date: 20210531
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