School Library Management, 8th Edition

Carl A. Harvey IIeditor
Audrey P. Churcheditor
School Library Management, 8th Edition


Libraries Unlimited

Pages 330
Topics Leadership;School Library;Management;Advocacy;Budgets;Communication;Cultural Competencies;Ethics;Evaluation;Facilities;Nuts and Bolts;Management and Administration;Librarianship: Philosophy, Values, and Issues

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

School Library Management, 8th Edition

Author(s): Carl A. Harvey II and Audrey P. Church, Editors
Contributors: Harvey, Carl; Church, Audrey;

Highlighting activities and discussion questions that will pique student interest and facilitate instruction, the 8th edition of this well-known school library text gathers management articles into a ready-to-use volume that showcases current best practices.

This 8th edition of School Library Management offers a fully updated collection of articles designed to guide both new and practicing school librarians. It gathers information about the issues and trends in the field, programming ideas, and advice from school library leaders. Contemporary articles from the past five years of School Library Connection bring this edition up to the present.

Carefully curated chapters address today's best practices to improve school library programs, integrating technology considerations throughout each of the sections. Authors cover timely topics such as equity, diversity, and inclusion; budgets; copyright; librarian professional development; evaluation; and advocacy. Each chapter begins with an introduction to put issues into context and ends with activities that will help librarians further explore.

All readers will appreciate this volume as "one-stop shopping" for readings that address best practices in light of major new guiding documents and standards in the school library field.

  • Presents a fully updated collection of School Library Connection articles
  • Reflects the knowledge of authors who teach required school library management courses
  • Includes questions and activities to aid in instruction

Editor(s): Harvey, Carl; Church, Audrey;
SortTitle: school library management, 8th edition
Edition: 8
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Carl A. Harvey IIeditor
Audrey P. Churcheditor
eISBN-13: 9781440877469
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