Concise Guide to Information Literacy, 3rd Edition

Scott Lanningauthor
Caitlin Gerrityauthor
Concise Guide to Information Literacy, 3rd Edition


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Pages 224
Topics Textbooks;Student Guides;Selecting Information Sources;Searching;Research Questions;Professional Development;Keyword Selection;Instructional Materials;Information Literacy;Evaluating Information;Ethical Use of Information;Critical Reflection;Citing Sources;Academic Libraries;Boolean Operators

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Concise Guide to Information Literacy, 3rd Edition

Author(s): Lanning, Scott; Gerrity, Caitlin;
Contributors: Lanning, Scott; Gerrity, Caitlin;

This flexible text can serve as the basis of a course in information literacy or as a supplemental text or basic research guide in any course.

Both a students' textbook and an instructional reference for educators, this brief but information-rich text teaches students what information literacy is and why it's such an important skill to develop. Authors Scott Lanning and Caitlin Gerrity concentrate on developing skills and behaviors that positively impact the information literacy process. They teach such skills as evaluating and using information and behaviors like exploring, analyzing, and creating.

Updated to incorporate the new AASL standards, this third edition of Concise Guide to Information Literacy includes new information on the value of curiosity and choice in the research process, offers a new model of the research process (the Reflective Inquiry Model), and updates the Decision Points Information Seeking Model that describes how student researchers choose to use the information they've found. This book has proven to be invaluable for high school and college students learning about information literacy and librarians and teachers in upper high school and community college settings.

  • Aids school and academic librarians and others in teaching basic information literacy skills to students
  • Helps students learn how to find, analyze, use, and process information in a quick and efficient way
  • Furnishes librarians and teachers with a concise textbook that is useful for student instruction and as a research guide
  • Provides links to the AASL standards, the ACRL Frameworks, and Bloom's Taxonomy

SortTitle: concise guide to information literacy, 3rd edition
Edition: 3
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Scott Lanningauthor
Caitlin Gerrityauthor
eISBN-13: 9781440878206
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