Sustaining America's Strategic Advantage

Joel R. Hillisoneditor
Jerad I. Harpereditor
Christopher J. Bolaneditor
Sustaining America's Strategic Advantage



Pages 368
Topics China;Warfare;Strategy;Soft Power;Security Studies;Russia;National Security;Irregular Warfare;Foreign Policy;Cyber Warfare;Allies in Europe;Building Partner Capacity;Defense Enterprise Management;Energy Security;Gray Zone Competition;International Relations

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Sustaining America's Strategic Advantage

Author(s): Joel R. Hillison, Jerad I. Harper, and Christopher J. Bolan
Contributors: Hillison, Joel; Harper, Jerad; Bolan, Christopher;

Written for foreign policy practitioners, scholars, and students, this book offers critical insights into the modern landscape of international politics and warfare and explains how the United States can sustain its strategic advantages in the 21st century and beyond.

From the level of grand strategy to more intricate security issues, this book explores how the United States can sustain its strategic military and political advantages around the world. Developing and implementing effective national policies; fostering strong diplomatic and geopolitical ties with allies in Europe, the Indo-Pacific, and the Middle East; and managing an effective defense enterprise are key, according to the authors, to competing on a shifting international security landscape. Advancing the literature on grand strategy and outlining emerging critical issues in security, this book offers an overarching framework for strategy; an analysis of crucial security-related topics, such as cyber warfare; and informed opinions on components of competitive success, such as irregular warfare and partner building. Written by well-respected scholars, security professionals, and foreign policy practitioners, this book goes beyond focusing on hard power to consider how the U.S. can leverage its education institutions and a worldwide network of allies and partners to sustain its strategic advantage now and in the future.

  • Focuses on critical elements of soft power and the alliances that have historically undergirded U.S. leadership
  • Identifies key skills and attributes required of leaders and strategists in a changing international security environment
  • Describes critical features of the emerging international security environment that will influence U.S. strategy and policy
  • Outlines how the United States must compete and cooperate with allies and partners in three key regions of the world: Europe, Indo-Pacific, and the Middle East
  • Provides insights into emerging security issues, including economic competition, energy security, and irregular warfare

Editor(s): Hillison, Joel; Harper, Jerad; Bolan, Christopher;
SortTitle: Sustaining America's Strategic Advantage
Author Info:
Joel R. Hillisoneditor
Jerad I. Harpereditor
Christopher J. Bolaneditor
eISBN-13: 9781440879937
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Publication Date: 20230228
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