The Next Space Race: A Blueprint for American Primacy

Richard M. Harrisonauthor
Peter A. Garretsonauthor
The Next Space Race: A Blueprint for American Primacy



Pages 248
Topics Academic Libraries;United States Space Force;Space-based Solar Power;Space Strategy;Space Security;Space Primacy;Space Mining;Space Economy;In-space Manufacturing;Climate Change;Cislunar Space;Security Studies: Science, Technology, and Security

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

The Next Space Race: A Blueprint for American Primacy

Author(s): Harrison, Richard; Garretson, Peter;
Contributors: Harrison, Richard; Garretson, Peter;

If China's space ambitions continue unchallenged, America will be seriously economically and militarily disadvantaged. This book provides a comprehensive strategy to secure U.S. primacy in the space domain.

From Moon landings to plans for asteroid mining, China is beginning to exploit space to achieve its great power ambitions. Its strategy could, over time, severely and adversely impact U.S. economic and military security. The United States needs to structure its approach to space to ensure that it can meet or surpass PRC timelines.

Authors Richard M. Harrison and Peter A. Garretson, both from the American Foreign Policy Council, review the literature on Chinese space ambitions and assess U.S. space-related initiatives across the government, military, and private sector to understand the maturity of technology available to support space initiatives. Their first-hand research and findings are supplemented by interviews with industry experts, corporate space leaders, and government and military officials.

The Next Space Race describes and seeks to influence the development of American space policy to ensure the U.S. industrial base is ready to meet or surpass PRC milestones, empower and clarify the mission of the newly minted Space Force, provide guidance to NASA and other federal agencies, and incentivize private sector companies to contribute to ensuring American space primacy.

  • Draws on more than 30 interviews with leaders from across the space sector
  • Benefits from contributions by a China military expert and multiple researchers who are now working for the United States Space Force
  • Provides a roadmap for positioning the United States as the preeminent space power
  • Highlights the economic advantages of the burgeoning space economy
  • Offers solutions to some of today's most pressing space-related policy challenges

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Richard M. Harrisonauthor
Peter A. Garretsonauthor
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